The coolest BRAC news so far


    So far I think the coolest news related to the military’s Base Realignment and Closure plan that could bring 30,000 more people to Harford County, is the mention in this week’s Aegis of the possibility of adding a hovercraft to the county’s transportation choices. A story on commuter options in Wednesday’s Aegis talked about expanding bus service and upgrading the Edgewood and Aberdeen train stations. But then it discussed Aberdeen Mayor Fred Simmons’ idea to add a hovercraft that could carry up to 300 people to the old ferry stop on Swan Creek. Now I’m not even sure what a hovercraft is. I did travel on a hydrofoil to get from coastal Spain to Morocco, once. And, that was cool. I found a few picture of hovercrafts on this site for the Universal Hovercraft company. They look like a lot of fun. Although, if you’re traveling on one that carries 300 people, it might be a bit more lumbering. Anyhow, if we’re going to get one of those, I think I might have to get a BRAC job just so I can take the hovercraft to work.

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