BANV has been vindicated. But she’s still out $11.95


BANV has been vindicated! Ebay pulled that “auction” that tricked me and my 8-year-old into paying $9.95 for a raffle ticket when we thought we were getting a Webkinz. Ok, Ok, I didn’t realize the Cheeky Dog was a retired and much-sought-after Webkinz that is fetching many times its price online. I have discussed this distinction at length with my son and informed him that if he ever does get his hands on a Webkinz people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for, there is absolutely no way I’m letting him snip that tag off its paw and treat it like its siblings.
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Anyhow, I received an email today from eBay saying this auction from a Germantown Maryland man who had planned to sell 100 tickets for the dog and then pull a name from a hat to determine who would receive it, has been pulled.
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“We recently removed this seller’s active listings and suspended the seller’s trading privileges.”

I thank all of you who commented for your support. I should have been more vigilant. But this did seem sneaky. Anyhow, I’m still out $11.95. I’ve emailed the seller and asked him to reimburse me within the next two days. If he doesn’t come through, I’ll go through Ebay and PayPal’s dispute system. Wish me luck! And be careful out there shopping in cyberspace.
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