Schools as shopping centers? No fireworks on the 4th of July? What’s Bel Air coming to?


    Interesting stories in the Aegis newspaper today. The front page features a story about a lawsuit between the Harford County government and some developers. If the developers win, it looks like it could set a precedent for bringing more water and sewer hookups to Fallston developments. On page A5, there’s a story about how the county’s Board of Education is suggesting they put stores on the first floors of high school buildings to help pay for underfunded school facilities the county needs with an anticipated influx of students due, in part, to BRAC. And, on page A7, the saga of will we or won’t we have fireworks on the 4th of July continues. The construction of the new Bel Air High School is requiring that most of the day’s events that are traditionally held there will need to find new locations. A new site for the fireworks has not yet been found. No word yet on where the turtle races and the frog jumping contests will be.