The Aegis reports the Pennsylvania Avenue parking lot will remain free


    Yesterday, I wrote about some work being done at the Pennsylvania Avenue parking lot. I thought they were tearing up the lot to install those parking meters the town had discussed using to prevent people from parking beyond the designated time limits. But this morning’s Aegis reports:

    “The (Downtown) Alliance was initially in favor of partial metered parking at the lot, but more recently members changed their minds. At this time, the staff is recommending that the lot be left alone, free of charge….

    “….’I think it’s probably a good idea to leave it alone,’ said former town commissioner and state Del. Susan McComas. ‘I noticed numerous open spots in Bel Air prior to construction.'”

    Bel Air News & Views had no trouble finding a spot in the lot when she parked there to shop on Main Street a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly, there was a time-limit posted. I was under the impression that the lot was patrolled and cars would be ticketed for staying too long. I remember back when I parked in and around Loyola College (20 years ago), car tires would be marked with chalk so that if a car stayed put longer than the time limit, it could be easily identified and ticketed. Seems like a much cheaper enforcement method than installing meters.