BANV hits the Bel Air Farmer’s Market & other news & views about town


    Bel Air News & Views made it to the Bel Air Farmer’s Market today for the first time this season. I was surprised to find only a half dozen vendors participating along Thomas Street. It was a little hard to see them as I approached. A man even asked me where the the market was as he wandered Hays St., unable to spy the tables lined up around the corner under the shade trees. I guess Saturdays are the bigger days. (Last year, half the courthouse parking lot was filled with vendors’ tents on the day I visited.) The vendors who were there had nice things. I always get some honey and honey sticks for the kids. I got some dark, rich Cybee’s honey and I just had some mixed in plain yogurt. It was really good. There were some strawberries and snap peas, but the flowers were the most plentiful. I picked up some orange impatiens for the front yard. I don’t remember seeing orange impatiens anywhere else. And the zinnias in hot pinks and yellows were striking. I grabbed some salmon-colored impatiens in a hanging basket for the front porch. Parking was easy at meters along the surrounding streets. The meter I used, however, was stuck on 30 minutes and the dial didn’t budge when I added my quarter. But never fear, I saw some blue-shirted meter men patrolling the street and I pointed it out to them. They took it apart and said it should be fixed by tomorrow. (That was my good citizen deed for the day.) Driving through town after the market, I saw crews tearing up the asphalt at the Pennsylvania Avenue lot. It looks like they’re going ahead with plans to install meters there. Hope they work better than that one on Hays Street.