BANV catches fireworks at Ripken Stadium


    BANV & family celebrated Cal Ripken’ Jr.’s induction to the Hall of Fame this week by catching a game at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen last Friday. We hope that they get the burned-out “K” in “Ripken” fixed on the stadium’s big screen soon. It’s kind of embarrassing to have those lights out on the week the Ironman gets inducted. We snagged our hard-to-get tickets through the group sale they do each year at Forest Lakes Elementary School. The Ironbirds lost to Batavia, N.Y., but this year, like last, our group night was fireworks night. I highly recommend fireworks night at the stadium. Everyone has a great seat of the rockets fired from behind the left field wall. The weather was perfect and the kids love the moon bounce and batting cage they have set up near the picnic area. It’s tough to get tickets to these games, but if you see a group sale, take advantage of it.