BANV & family visited the Harford County Farm Fair


    Who’s smarter the pig or the pup?
    This was the question BANV & family mulled while visiting the Harford County Farm Fair today. My kids adore the fair and insist we go every year. It doesn’t seem to bother them that it’s always sweltering and today was no exception. (We visited the clever misting tent, outfitted with a fan and misting sprays, several times.) We got there just in time to catch the Suewee Racing Pigs. We see this every year and the kids never seem to tire of it. As the emcee prepared to release the baby pigs from the starting gates, he informed the crowd that pigs were the 4th smartest animals after humans, chimpanzees and dolphins. He told us those pet dogs we aim to train come in at number 9. Training a pig, he said, would be far easier. Well, BANV & family had our doubts. After spending some time playing in the kids games tent and riding the ponies, we caught the Purina Incredible Dog Team. While those allegedly clever little pigs jostled each other on their way into the starting gates and one of them wandered off the track to nibble on the grass, those border collies on the dog team flipped, spun, caught Frisbees and balanced on their trainer’s feet. Hmmm, so whose the smarter animal? You can decide for yourself. I’ve embedded a video of the racing pigs and the Frisbee-catching dogs below. Let me know what you think.

    The fair runs through Sunday. Click here for a schedule of events.

    The bunnies kept cool by cuddling up with chilled water bottles.

    This chicken bore an uncanny resemblance to Cruella DeVille.