Last night’s Bel Air fireworks might have been a little soggy but they sure lit a fuse under this blog


    Last night’s rains may have taken the fizz out of Bel Air’s 4th of July fireworks for some folks, but it sure put a spark in this blog’s reader statistics. This humble little Bel Air News & Views blog usually nets fewer than 100 visitors per day. But on the 4th of July, almost 1,300 visitors peeked at this web page. In the hour before the fireworks were set to explode over Rockfield Park, almost 300 visitors came looking to see if the rain and tornado watch would postpone the fireworks. When one reader went ahead and posted the question “are the fireworks on tonight?” I decided to go straight to the source and ask the mayor. Mayor Terence O. Hanley told me he was waiting to hear from the chief of police and once he got the go ahead from him, Hanley was kind enough to call me back in time for me to post before showtime. On my way to the watch the fireworks from the Greenbrier Shopping Center — the only big parking lot near the Rockfield Park site — I saw plenty of people lined up along Churchville Road wrapped in rain ponchos and huddling beneath umbrellas. A large group took advantage of a gas station canopy to stay dry. Finding a good spot was tricky since this was the first time the fireworks were shot from Rockfield Park, after construction booted them from their traditional Bel Air High School site. Today, some readers commented that it was more difficult to find a decent viewing spot since there are fewer big parking lots near this site. Although, one reader said she found a great spot right across from the park and managed to slip into position before police shut down that part of Churchville Road. If you found a great spot and want to share it here, please go ahead. That could be really useful information if the fireworks are shot from the same site next year. But I think the majority hopes that the display will soon return to its traditional spot at the Bel Air High School.

    Thank you all for reading. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this site. And a special thank you to Mayor Terence O. Hanley for taking the time out of his busy night to offer a blogger some pertinent information.