BANV’s Five Guys Bel Air opening day review


    Vegetarians look away! And those of you with peanut allergies beware! Five Guys at the Harford Mall is open and BANV & kids ate there tonight. While it usually makes sense to wait until a new restaurant has time to work out its kinks, I figured when we’re talking about just frying up a burger and fries and eating handfuls of free peanuts out of big cardboard boxes, we’d be safe eating at the burger joint on its first day. There were so few people in line when we went just after 5 p.m., I hardly had time to decide what I wanted on my burger. (They’ve got: mayo, relish, onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, jalepeno peppers, green peppers, A-1 Sauce, barbecue sauce and hot sauce) I’ve heard some folks don’t like Five Guys’ fries, but I thought the ones we had there tonight were particularly light and crispy. And they had a little wipe-off board saying today’s potatoes were from Ashton, Idaho. Perhaps they’re particularly good there. The burgers were quite good. I don’t know if we’ll ever eat at McDonald’s again. However, it did cost us $20 for three cheeseburgers, a small fries and three drinks. I can score two Kids Meals at McD’s or Burger King for less than $10. (Of course, I don’t bother to get one for myself.) But the really nice thing about going on Five Guys opening day is that the place is so impeccably clean. I ate at the Five Guys in White Marsh a few months ago and the floor was crunchy with peanut shells and the tables had that slightly sticky feel they get after being wiped over and over through a busy day of ketchup spilling. Since they don’t give you plates to eat off of, the brand new clean feeling was particularly nice. But I have the sense this place is going to get crowded quickly. An hour after we arrived, almost every table was full.

    And speaking of crowds, check out the line we saw tonight outside Bonefish Grill just a few weeks after its opening night.