The Harford Democratic Politics Blog is dead


    The Harford Democratic Politics Blog is dead. I was informed of this by Aberdeen CPA Steve Wright, friend of the town’s Mayor Fred Simmons. Wright contacted me today because I had linked to the Harford Democratic Politics Blog from my Harford BRAC Blog when Simmons was getting all that attention for toting a gun while touring Aberdeen’s rough areas. Wright didn’t explain why was taken down. He did say that some of what was written had a nasty tone. Wright asked if I was with the county. I’m not, of course. I’m just me sitting here at my kitchen table blogging away to see what kind of hyper-local news generates the most readers. (It’s fireworks displays, if you were wondering.) I don’t know who writes the Harford Democratic Politics Blog or why they stopped publishing. A Google search of the mayor does show the first few lines of several posts from the blog that were about Simmons, and it looks like the site mentioned Wright as well. Anyway, if anyone has more information about what just happened in the Harford County blogosphere, I’m curious. Drop me a line and I’ll post something here.