Ticklish titles: Harford Community College Courses I’d love to take


    The Harford Community College noncredit class catalog showed up in my mail this week and I had a great time perusing the course titles. Some of these I’d love to take. Others, just gave me a good giggle.

    These titles were ticklers:

    Concepts of Drinking Water
    Rolling in the Dough
    Continue to Discover Yourself
    How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk
    Swim for Your Life (this might be a good way to accomplish the former)
    Mother/Daughter Self-Defense (look out, Mom, these hands are lethal)

    These I could use:

    Helping Children Cope with Stressful Situations
    Kitchen Math
    Emotional Intelligence
    Build a Better You (Can I get some bionic parts with that?)

    Most intriguing:

    Certified Ethical Hacker

    And this is a great one for everyone thinking of sending out one of these this holiday season:

    Holiday Newsletters (Please keep ’em short and not too sweet)