Beating at Abingdon movie theater is a real shame, good reason to rent


    I just saw this article about a 45-year-old man who was beaten and robbed in front of his family in the parking lot outside the Regal Cinema in Abingdon on Friday by a group of teens he had shushed during the film “Rush Hour 3.” I usually see kid films in the afternoon at this theater and the crowds are usually small and polite when I go. But I have noticed on the few occasions when I see an evening film that the civility level in the theater has been slipping precipitously. The Regal is the nearest choice for seeing a large number of new films and it attracts young adults — some of whom don’t understand how to handle themselves in a movie theater. While I don’t mind taking my kids to an afternoon movie here, I don’t think I’ll be letting them go by themselves when they get a little older as I did as a young teen. With the growing accessibility of online movie rentals giving rise to a watch-it-at-home-on-my-big-screen movement, movie theaters are already struggling to attract the crowds they once enjoyed. Perhaps some improved lighting and security could give the Regal a leg up in this dwindling market before it’s too late.

    (If you click on the story, you’ll notice the robot mistook Abingdon, Md. for Abingdon, England and created a map of the U.K. to go with the story, lending an touch of class to this rather crass situation.)

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