The Harford County blogosphere at work: Part 2


    In a follow up to yesterday’s post about how the Harford County blogosphere has been making inroads in the off-line world, two stories published in two different newspapers today indicate that all that online commentary has made a difference yet again. As the site mentioned today, the site reports that the owners of those unsightly commercial properties that flank the extrance to Fallston Crossing on Route 1 are going to clean it up. The story said:

    “I had no idea that the conditions and dumping had gotten to where it was,” (Mike Euler, a managing member at Milton Ave. LLC in Belcamp) said. “The residents had the right to complain, and we will be going out there next week to clean it up.”

    They might want to add some blogs to their reading list to keep themselves tuned in.

    And a story in today’s Aegis indicated that support for Harford County Councilwoman Roni Chenowith’s bill that would forbid off-road vehicles on properties of less than five acres has been eroded by a deluge of emails fueled in large part by the efforts of
    According to the story:

    (Councilwoman Mary Ann) Lisanti said her efforts to handle all the emails froze her Blackberry on several occasions…”

    “…Chenowith said she told the council president she will decide whether she’s withdrawing the bill by the first of next week.”

    Resident Bill Irwin of Fallston was quoted in the story as a supporter of the bill. According to the Aegis, he wants to form a group of people to discuss ATV problems since he doesn’t think the bill will pass.

    He might want to consider taking that discussion online.