Neighbors have issues with planned Vale Road Elementary School


    This morning’s Aegis reports that neighbors of the planned Vale Road Elementary School showed up at Wednesday’s Development Advisory Committee meeting to complain about losing parts of their yards to the new school, their views of the open field and increased traffic. According to the story, the George W. Stephens Jr. and Associates contracting firm is handling the design of the school. It will have a 676 student capacity and 153 parking spaces. It will also include intermediate kindergarten. (I don’t know what “intermediate” kindergarten is exactly, if you do, please let me know.) The story included this line:

    “There will be no further public meetings for the construction of the Vale Road elementary school.”

    So, I guess it’s good those residents showed up when they had the chance. I’ll continue to track the development of this school (as I’m pretty sure my daughter will be attending it) here and on the Bel Air Development wiki page I set up for it. Please contribute any information you like on this development either as a comment here on this blog, on the wiki page or in an email to me at Thanks much!

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