Qdoba, Yankee Candle and the new entranceway are finally open at the Harford Mall


    It’s official. Qdoba at the Harford Mall is open. The kids and I peeked inside today and picked up a menu. We haven’t eaten there yet, so if you have please leave a comment to let us know what you thought. It reminded me quite a bit of Chipotle at the Festival Shopping Center. Qdoba is set up where you order at the back counter and then eat at one of a few dozen stainless steel-topped tables. When we peeked in just after 7 p.m. we saw only three groups of diners. But then, folks would only know it was open if they saw the sign in the window today. (Or if they read this blog.)

    In other mall news, Yankee Candle has opened its store at near the center of the mall next to Shaw’s Jewelers. For Halloween, they had these long white tapers that drip blood red when they’re lit. (I just noticed they’re sold out Yankee’s online site, but they had them in the store.)

    And … the new entrance facing Bel Air Road is open. (Careful when you step out that door onto the raised brick walkway that extends into the parking lot. Cars drive over that first part of the raised section, even though it gives the illusion of being a dedicated walkway. Hold tight to your kids’ hands.)