Style master Tim Gunn’s new book drops bombshell on my closet


    I’m so distraught. I’m reading “A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style” by Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame and in Chapter Two “The Fit Conundrum” he tells me that I’m not really a size 8! He says I’m really a size 10/12! He says:

    “Take three size 8 dress forms, manufactured in 1984, 1994 and 2004. The difference in the waist measurement alone is a full two inches. … And all of this is done because retailers fear women won’t buy if confronted with a number they don’t like.”

    I’m just so disappointed. See, all this time I’ve been so proud of how I still wear the same size I did in college. I was a little suspicious as I’ve gained 15 pounds since then (working hard on getting that back down to 10 pounds). But I thought those workouts on the elliptical must really be keeping me in shape if I can still wear the same dress size. And I wasn’t even trying that hard. (I read while pedaling so I can’t really exert too much energy or the words bounce all over the page.) I also wondered why it was that while I’m wearing the same size pants as I did then, my old belts don’t fit around this new waist. I just figured it’s because my jeans are cut lower than they were back in the late 1980s. I was even thinking of trying on my wedding dress — absolutely sure it would fit since it’s a size 8. Then I could talk about it at my school reunions, which I’d, of course, attend because I must look as good as I did when I was in college, as I’m still a size 8. Now I think I’ll stay home, under the covers, in my plus-size pajamas. It’s no wonder Americans keep getting bigger. We’re being tricked! I wonder what else is a ruse? Do I really wear a size 8 shoe? Is large really extra-large? What else aren’t they telling us?