Tips for handling the extracurricular squeeze?


It seems like only yesterday we were trying to stave off boredom as summer activities ended and the school year approached.
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Now, a mere three weeks into the year we are racing to keep up with the extracurricular rat race that has us ricocheting from the bus to guitar lessons to ballet and back to the soccer field.
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We’ve barely managed to patch together somewhat of a routine and now it’s already time to register for winter sports. It’s no wonder so many kids are overweight. We may not be always feeding them fast food, but we sure are trying to feed them food fast. The only tip I’ve come up with so far is Little Caesar’s Pizza: the $5 kind they have all ready for you to pick up on your way home from soccer. However, the nutrients are negligible. I’m open to ideas if anyone has some tips for feeding the family without dirtying so many dishes that you have to spend a half hour cleaning pots and pans instead of enforcing the unfinished homework and bedtime routine.