Vale Road Elementary School and the new Commerce Bank branch on the agenda for Wednesday’s DAC meeting


    The plans for the new Vale Road Elementary School are on the agenda for tomorrow morning’s Harford County Development Advisory Committee meeting. (9 a.m., second floor conference room, 220 South Main Street, Bel Air) Click here to see the agenda. I found this tidbit about the Vale Road Elementary School — slated to be built by 2010 — on the school district’s website entry for construction projects:

    “Vale Road ES:
    Project is currently in Design Development stage. DD submittal to HCPS on August 10, 2007 for review. Negotiations are continuing with MDE regarding the onsite septic system.”

    I also noticed Vale Road Elementary School got a mention under “Old Business” in the agenda for the upcoming Harford County Board of Education meeting scheduled 7 p.m. Sept. 10:

    “Decision on Design Development Submission for Vale Road Elementary School, Design Development PowerPoint Presentation, Mr. Joseph P. Licata and Mr. Chris Morton”

    This press release from the GWWO architectural firm mentions that this firm is handling the Vale Road Elementary School project. I had earlier established a link to a GWWO document that illustrated plans for the school, but I just noticed that link was no longer working and I haven’t yet relocated the document on the Internet. I’ll keep looking.

    Click here for a list of the previous posts from Bel Air News & Views on the Vale Road Elementary School plans.

    I also made a new page on my Bel Air Development wiki for the Vale Road Elementary School. I thought I’d collect all these bits of news about the new school there so readers can keep track of its development. It’s wiki, which means that anyone can add their comments, questions or their own information — just like on Wikipedia. I hope that someone will, but until that happens, I’ll do my best to keep it up to date.

    Also on the DAC agenda is the Commerce Bank planned for the intersection of Rock Spring Road and Bynum Road. I checked their website and didn’t see this location yet listed under “Future Stores” but I did see that they have plans to put Commerce Banks at several other places in town:

    Bel Air Store
    115 Baltimore Pike
    Bel Air, MD
    Opening February, 2008

    Bel Air/Tollgate Store (This is the former Shell gas station)
    703 Baltimore Pike 320 Tollgate
    Bel Air, MD
    Opening September, 2008

    Aberdeen Store
    Churchville Road & Middleton Road
    Aberdeen, MD
    Opening November, 2008