The Aegis reports the controversial ATV ban is withdrawn: study group suggested


    The Aegis reports today that Harford County Councilwoman Roni Chenowith last night withdrew her bill that would have forbidden off-road vehicle riding on properties of fewer than five acres. According to the Aegis story, the Republican who represents Fallston and Abingdon, withdrew the bill because she felt there was some confusion about it. The story said she will continue to push for a group to study the issue.

    I don’t see a reaction yet to the this news on the site that organized a petition drive against the bill. The site says it sent 15,800 emails about the bill to local officials.

    There were strong feelings on both sides of this issue. Joppa residents Megan and Mario Del Baglivo had their letter to the editor published in the Aegis today describing their irritation with the noisy off-road vehicles that ride on a neighbor’s property. And a story last week mentioned that Fallston resident Bill Irwin wanted to form a group to study ATV issues in the county.

    It sounds like there are some issues with common courtesy that need to be addressed. Such things might be discussed rationally between neighbors. As that is sometimes much harder said than done, perhaps some rules are in order. But with the great interest surrounding the issue and the fact that it deals with property rights, some serious thought and debate ought to go into it. A study group is not a bad idea. After this dust up, local officials have plenty of names of folks who might care enough to serve on one.

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