Balloons over Bel Air


    I’ve never lived anywhere else where so often I spy a rainbow-striped hot air balloon sailing across the horizon. I’ve been snapping pictures of this balloon high over Route 1 from my car windows, sailing over Tollgate Road and even disappearing into the tree line behind my own backyard. But it was always so far away that the pictures never captured how stunning it looked — until today. My daughter and I were sitting on the sidelines of my son’s soccer practice at the Forest Hill Recreation Complex tonight when I heard the coaches yell to the boys, “Stop looking at the balloon! Concentrate on the game.” There it was, sailing over the eastern tree tops right toward us. I grabbed my camera and shot a few frames, but again, it looked so tiny. Then the balloon drifted closer. When it was right overhead, my daughter and I lay on our backs in the grass and I caught this close up. We could hear the roar of the flame at the balloon’s mouth and gave a wave to the guys in the basket. Then we watched it drift across the soccer fields and slowly lower itself beneath the tree line. I’m not sure who’s piloting this particular balloon that I see so often. I wonder if it’s the guy who was selling balloon rides at that Harford Mall kiosk at holiday time last year. If anyone knows, leave a comment below if you would. I’d love to know.