BANV & kids enchanted by "Enchanted"


    BANV & kids just got back from seeing “Enchanted” at the Regal and we highly recommend it. First words out of my 5-year-old daughter when it ended were, “When does it come out on DVD?” My 9-year-old son enjoyed the entire story of the fairytale princess who is thrust through a manhole into the gritty reality of Times Square. It was great fun seeing the faces behind the animated voices as each character passes from the cartoon to the live action world through the manhole. And when the wicked stepmother said something particularly sultry and I realized it was Susan Sarandon, I couldn’t wait for her to explode into New York City. And explode she did. I was laughing so hard throughout the movie, my daughter shushed me several times. One of the most hysterical moments was when princess Giselle, played by Amy Adams, summons her animal friends to tidy a New York city apartment with song à la Cinderella. And they come. Real live city rats and pigeons and cockroaches who actually scrub the bathtub while Princess-to-be Giselle sings merrily throughout. Customarily adorable Patrick Dempsey remains at the same time skeptical and enchanted until both the audience and the rest of the characters magically accept the convergence of real life and fairytale — and who doesn’t like that?

    P.S. Might want to Fandango this one. The 1:20 show sold out when were standing in line so we bought tickets to the later show and then went and spent too much at Target.