Shopping way out of my league


    Just for fun, I went to King of Prussia Mall this past Saturday for a girls’ day out before the big holiday shopping rush hit. The nearly 2-hour trip is worth it once in awhile just to see how the other half shops. We hit Neiman Marcus, Hermes, Tiffany & Co., Versace, Kate Spade, Oilily, Swarovski, Betsey Johnson and Burberry and we didn’t buy a thing. That’s not to say there weren’t plenty of tempting things. Hermes had these scarves that they’d micro pleated. When you lay them flat they looked like this elongated diamond shape with an accordion-like texture. When you tied them around your neck, they seemed to fall naturally into place without any fussing. At $350, they were too pricey for my mini-van driving lifestyle. However, if you happen to own a Hermes scarf from a more glamorous time in your life, they will micro-pleat it for you for a mere $80. After checking the price tags of a few cute things at these stores, I figured out that if you have between $500 and $600 to drop on just anything from a swimsuit to a pair of Manolo’s, these are the stores for you. We didn’t actually buy anything until after we recharged at Callifornia Cafe where we sat across from some Eagles cheerleaders who were being filmed dining with a cheerleader from Mexico who, we were told, won a trip to Philadelphia in a contest. After dinner we headed for more familiar territory and actually bought things at Macy’s — using coupons. I know, I know. I can do that here in Bel Air, but this Macy’s was much bigger and had a huge selection. I would have shopped Bloomingdale’s too, but I was too exhausted by the time we crawled there. The mall has more than 400 stores and I have no idea how many miles we walked. But I know we were not appropriately shod. Women there shop in stilettos. (Mostly on the fancy side of the mall, and they probably took advantage of the $15 valet parking outside of Neiman Marcus.)