Target is selling Webkinz on its website


    My 9-year-old just informed me that the Webkinz-related blog he subscribes to announced today that Target is now selling Webkinz on its website. Ever since Bel Air caught serious Webkinz fever early this year, I’ve been hearing from moms who’ve been Webkinz hunting in vain for them at Target. I’ve been setting them straight, sending them to the gift boutiques that deal in the highly sought-after stuffed animal that lives a parallel virtual life at Christopher’s, Christopher Matthews, McShanes, (click here for more) might now have some competition. However, a look at the Target website reveals that Webkinz has very cleverly (and they certainly are clever) bundled each purchase of a Webkinz stuffed toy with a pack of Webkinz trading cards and boosted the store price of $12.99 up to $23.99. The toys still sell for the lower price at the boutiques. The Target site also offers for sale

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Webkinz
    by Marcia Layton Turner, Grant Turner. Kudos to the Turners for thinking of this first because clearly the rest of us are feeling like idiots for not cashing in on this craze. And I know I’ll be feeling like a complete idiot for shelling out a small fortune for these stuffed animals when my kids’ interest in them finally fizzles.