BANV & family goes a-Christmas tree hunting


    BANV & family went hunting for a real Christmas tree to chop this weekend. Before we had kids, my husband and I chopped our own tree every year. This was up in Rochester, N.Y. where we needed to trudge through fields of snow to find the perfect tree. We would haul a hand saw and wriggle belly down on the ground to fell the pine. Then we’d drag it back through the farm ourselves. We discovered it’s much easier in Bel Air. We went to BeeTree Farms on Vale Road between Grafton Shop Road and Red Pump Road. After my 9-year-old selected the perfect Colorado Blue Spruce, the farm owners followed us to our tree, made quick work of it with a chain saw, hauled it back to our minivan and secured it on top with some string. Much easier than the belly-on-the-ground in the snow thing.

    If you’re still looking for a tree to chop, click here for list of area tree farms.