BANV is leading in Bel Air Scene’s Best of 07 roundup!


    Bel Air News & Views is leading in nominations in the Best Blogs category over on Bel Air Scene’s Best of ‘O7 roundup! I’m going to celebrate today because with just five nominations, it will be easy for some of the other blogs in the running to overtake me. I’ll enjoy my lead while I can! Having said that, dear readers, don’t hesitate to check out the Best of ’07 contest at Check out the other local blogs and vote for whichever you like best. However, if you vote for me it would be such a nice boost since I turn 40 on Thursday (Aargh!) I could use a boost. In several places, actually. Bel Air Scene is also taking votes for Best Bar, Best Event and Best Restaurant. Curiously, the now closed Bel Air location of Ropewalk is in the running for Best Bar. The Bel Air Scene blogger says it got the most nominations. Guess folks are feeling nostalgic.

    Click here to vote:
    Voting closes on Dec. 27.

    BANV was thinking of posting an In/Out list for Bel Air for the end of 2007. If you have anything you’d like to suggest that should be considered either in or out, please comment below or send me an email at

    I’m thinking something like:


    Gas stations on every corner

    Banks on every corner