Blimp over Bel Air


    The blimp sailing over Bel Air today could be an indication that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is angling to be more than a blip in the presidential race. BANV had no idea who the Texas congressman with a strong internet following was (been watching Noggin instead of CNN lately) until I saw this strange silver blimp in the sky over Hickory at about noon today. As we drove closer to Bel Air, it actually seemed to follow us home and I could make out the name Ron Paul in big blue letters on its side. I jumped out of the car to catch this not-very-good picture. And now I’m looking this guy up and blogging about him here. I even got an email from a regular reader (Thank you!) who saw him during rush hour and directed me to Paul’s website:, which includes a map showing the blimp’s route. So, I guess the blimp idea is working.

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