Breaking TV news to whine about


The Channel 11 evening newscast caught me again with one of those promos for upcoming stories. Stressed out by the holidays Moms? Coming up: our report on how you can reduce stress and improve your health this season. I’m thinking, I’ve got to hear this. So I stop making-dinner-emptying-the-dishwasher-returning-emails-to-relatives-with-my-kids-Christmas-lists and move closer to the TV. The kids are talking at me, the phone starts ringing and I tell myself, no. This I want to hear. I have to listen very closely to make out what they’re saying over all the noise in my house. And then it comes. The answer to busy moms’ holiday stress…

Wine. It’s wine. That’s their answer. Specifically red wine. Deep red wine has tannins that are antioxidants.
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But, hey, white wine is good for relaxing, too. This I knew. I suspect you knew it too. The only problem is that drinking wine makes me too sleepy to actually finish all the holiday stuff I have to do. And all the Christmas cards end up getting sent to the wrong addresses, leading to more stress. But I guess if you drink enough tannins, you don’t much care.