A very trashy holiday


    BANV & family actually had a lovely holiday and hope you did too. But all that merriment has created quite a bit of trash and as luck would have it, Christmas falls this year on my neighborhood’s trash pick up day. Since Harford Sanitation Services doesn’t employ elves, we must wait until Friday to haul to the curb our gift boxes, Styrofoam packaging, crumpled gift wrap, paper party plates and plastic cups. If we fail to get our loot to the curb in time on Friday, we’ll have to store this stuff piling up in our garage another week because the New Year’s Day holiday also falls on our trash pick up Tuesday. One year we put all our holiday trash out the night before and high winds distributed all our Styrofoam packing peanuts into my neighbors’ front yards. It looked like it had snowed. Another time, some hungry critters had a post-holiday feast in our overflow garbage bags we left next to our trash can. This year, I think we’ll take our one closed can to the curb, then sleep with an ear to the ground, listening for that rumble of the HSS’ truck, ready to make a mad dash down the driveway with the remains of our merriment.

    If you want to get rid of your Christmas tree, HSS will pick it up curbside on your trash pick up day during the week of 1/21/08 – 1/26/08.

    Click here for Harford County recycling information.