Christopher Matthew’s stops selling Webkinz and all Ganz products


In a sure sign that the charm is wearing off those fuzzy faces, the owners of the Christian-themed gift shop Christopher Matthew’s in the Festival Shopping Center announced in a e-mail today that they will no longer be selling Webkinz. The e-mail cited a lack of communication and customer service on the part of Webkinz maker Ganz going back to early last year when the company struggled to keep up with the growing demand for the toys.

The e-mail says:

“By mid year, Webkinz finally began to ship product to stores, however Ganz began to put more stringent ordering requirements on small stores in order to receive their product. These requirements would often change from week to week and also forced stores to order an overabundance of Ganz’s non-Webkinz gift products in order to receive Webkinz shipments. At the same time, Ganz appeared to shift its focus away from relationships with small retail stores and formed alliances with larger chains. From the middle of 2007 to the end of the year, Webkinz have been available at Limited Too, FYE, JC Penney, Cracker Barrel, Target Online, Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, and a host of other chains.
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Ganz also has changed its original “no child advertising” policy and began to advertise to children through Webkinz world.”

As a result, the store’s owners Robin and Bryan Brock say they will no longer carry any Ganz products, including Webkinz.

I’m going to miss their e-mails.
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It was fun being a part of the crazy Webkinz hunters club. But now that our preserve houses a couple dozen Webkinz, it’s probably time for us to move on as well.