Sex offender in white truck indicted on 23 counts, held without bond in Harford County Detention Center


    Good news and bad news and more bad news about the man in the white truck arrested for stalking children in Bel Air. A story in today’s Baltimore Sun reports that Leon Frederick Richards Jr., 34, of Street “was indicted Tuesday on six counts of stalking, six counts of sexual solicitation of a minor and three counts of sexual offense, four counts of the production of child pornography, three counts of possession of child pornography with the intent to distribute and one count of possession of child pornography.” The good news is Richards, a registered sex offender, is being held without bond in the Harford County Detention Center. We parents no longer have to worry that this particular man in a white truck will try to approach our children around town. However, the bad news is that while he was convicted in 2000 for child abuse, he served an 18-month sentence and then the story says his five-year probation expired. The story quotes Harford County Assistant State’s Attorney Bruce Smith as saying:

    “There was nothing else that could be done legally to make him stay away from children. The judge had imposed five years of supervised probation and under Maryland law, that’s the maximum.”

    In the category of more bad news, the story says:

    “Investigators found photographs of children, ages 4 to late teens, performing sexual acts, and authorities believe the photos were taken from 2006 to the present, according to Harford County State’s Attorney Joseph Cassilly.”

    It goes on to say:

    “Investigators are attempting to identify five children in the photographs, Smith said. Anyone with relevant information can contact the Child Advocacy Center at 410-638-3294.”

    Kudos to the brave 11-year-old who identified Richards as the man following her as she walked her dog in Marywood Jan. 9. Without her help, this guy might still be out there.

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