A fourth local restaurant offers discount for Crackpot gift card holders


    A reader (thank you) wrote in today to say Looney’s in Bel Air is offering a discount to anyone with a Crackpot gift card. I called over there and they told me they’ll give Crackpot gift card holders 20 percent off their food bill. Other local restaurants offering discounts for Crackpot gift cards include:

    Clarence’s Taste of New Orleans Restaurant, 2131 Old Edgewood Road: 20% off the total dining bill

    Freddie’s Bel Air, at 660 Boulton St.: $1 off for every $2 they spend there

    Gus’s Pizza & Grill, 1904 Pulaski Hwy 21040: 50% of their face value

    If you hear of any others, let me know and I’ll post them here.