Local star gazers offer a magnified peek at tonight’s lunar eclipse at Harford Tech parking lot


    The snow stopped falling and I can see the moon clearly from Bel Air. That means tonight’s lunar eclipse, schedule for 10 p.m. should be visible. If you’re free tonight and want to get a closer peek at the event, the Harford County Astronomical Society is scheduled to meet tonight for a special lunar eclipse viewing session in the Harford Technical High School parking lot, near the observatory. Their website says the public is invited and they usually bring powerful telescopes to get a good look at the sky.

    From today’s Baltimore Sun story on the eclipse:

    “Behind the clouds or not, at 8:43 p.m., the full moon will begin to slide into the Earth’s umbra – the darkest part of the shadow that the planet casts into space.

    “Gradually, from east to west, the moon’s normally brilliant white disk will darken to an eerie reddish or coppery color as sunlight, filtered through all of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises, is bent and scattered across the lunar surface.

    “From 10 p.m. until 10:52 p.m., the moon will be engulfed in the Earth’s shadow. It will seem transformed – from the flat-looking white disk we’re used to into something unsettlingly ruddy and spherical.”