Bomboy’s wins BANV’s chocolate poll: son masters cookie architecture at Bel Air’s Chocolate Festival


    Bomboy’s Home Made Candy of Havre de Grace won BANV’s chocolate poll today, getting 42 percent of the 35 votes cast in a week’s time. Perhaps the voters were influenced by the four-tier chocolate fountain Bomboy’s set up at Saturday’s chocolate festival. BANV & family stood in line for more than 10 minutes to get close enough to dip strawberries under its chocolate waterfall. (You have to spin the berry as you pull it through the chocolate to get full coverage — perhaps that’s what made the wait so long.) BANV’s kids had a lot of fun at the cookie architecture table. My 9-year-old built a rather impressive cookie tower. And when he started to attract some attention from the crowd in the chocolate fountain line behind him, he built another one and connected the two with a cookie bridge. After the cookie building, I wove through the crowd to get close to the Treasures by the Bay booth, mostly because I felt badly for failing to include them in my chocolate poll. The line to taste their samples was only about a five minute wait. But, they had the clever idea to offer tasters their choice of any candy in their display rather than just one particular type as so many of the others did. I heard that Treasures by the Bay didn’t run out of samples while others did. A reader (thank you!) commented on an earlier post about the festival’s crowds. The event, a seven-year-old festival sponsored by the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, draws about 1,500 people a year, according to an story. And that is rather a lot of people to squeeze into the Bel Air Reckord Armory. When we arrived a little after 11 a.m. we couldn’t see the booths over the sea of heads. Perhaps a better idea might be to offer the samples in the center of the room in an organized fashion where it’s easy to follow a buffet line. That way it might be easier to get to the booths where you can buy boxes of the samples you liked best.