Kimmie Meissner takes seventh place at Worlds


    If you haven’t yet heard, Bel Air’s Kimmie Meissner came in seventh place at the World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden today. Mao Asada of Japan took the title Kimmie won back in 2006. Kimmie’s seventh place finish, combined with her U.S. teammates’ 10th and 16th place finishes means they won’t be able to protect the team’s three slots for next year’s world championships, the last before the 2010 Olympics, according to a Baltimore Sun story. That means they could lose a slot at the Olympics and hurt the U.S. team’s chances of winning a medal. But Kimmie seemed upbeat, even after falling twice in her long program, telling a reporter:

    “I feel like it was the best I’ve done all season, even with the mistakes, so that’s exciting,” said Meissner, 18. “I know I can still come back after hard times.”

    The story indicated that it sounds like she’ll stay with new coach Richard Callaghan, for whom she left Bel Air and moved to Florida to train. She fired her longtime coach Pam Gregory just six weeks ago and left her training at the University of Delaware, where she was studying to be a physical therapist.

    According to the story, Kimmie says she plans to start training earlier than she did last year for the upcoming season.

    “It’s been a really rough season for me,” she said. “I just really have to think about everything and come back strong next season.”

    According to the competition’s website, it looks like the competition will be broadcast Friday and Saturday:
    Friday 21st March: 19.30-23.00 (7:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.)
    Ladies Short + Free Dance
    (ESPN delayed)
    Saturday 22nd March: 15.00-18.00 (3 p.m. – 6 p.m.)
    Men’s Short + Ladies Free
    (ABC delayed)