Lutz’s Appliance Store in Bel Air to close


Today’s Aegis reports that the Lutz’s Appliance Store on Main Street in Bel Air is scheduled to close after 61 years in business. President of Charles L. Lutz Inc. Ruth Foard, 87, was quoted as saying:

“It was just time, it really was. It had to do with business and we just felt that we could arrange for our employees, and make things easy for the customers. And we felt it was the right thing business-wise.
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The business has been at its Main Street location since 1947, the story said. Foard told the Aegis she expected the store to close by May 23 if not sooner. Employees got the news Tuesday morning. The story says that business was down at the store, but that it wasn’t in financial trouble.

“‘We thought financially it wasn’t feasible to keep on going that way,’ she said. ‘It was absolutely just a financial decision.
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It’s not that we have financial problems, but we don’t want any either …'”