Dramatic kite rescue caught on video at Bel Air Kite Festival


    BANV and daughter hit the Bel Air Kite Festival at Rockfield Park today as part of our Mom & Daughter Day. Dad & Son headed up to Cherry Hill, N.J. today to meet the Jeff Kinney, author of The Wimpy Kid books. They got his autograph along with hundreds of other fans at the Cherry Hill Public Library. While their crowds created such a stir the fire marshal showed up, they missed the dramatic kite rescue we witnessed. We had joined the other little family groups running around the Rockfield Park ball fields as we tried rather unsuccessfully to get our napkin-sized Nemo kite to catch some wind. We had just about given up and decided to simply play catch with our kite when another family group’s much larger craft became entangled in one of the few trees in the field. After much yanking on their kite string the mom snatched a 19-foot windsock pole from the ground and started poking at the kite. But the owner of the pole intervened and took it back. Then, a chivalrous young man announced he’d save the kite and leaped up into the tree. And I whipped out my camera. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my memory card before the kite rescue was complete. Rest assured, boy and kite got out of the tree unscathed. And it even looks like the woman with the 19-foot pole relented and let him use it to make the final extrication. It’s just good his mom wasn’t there to watch.