First sno-ball of the season!


    First, my kids noticed that Waldo’s sno-ball hut had returned to its regular spot in the freshly renovated Harford Mall parking lot yesterday. But it wasn’t yet open. Then today, we drove by the Sharon’s Shaved Ice in BP gas station on Rock Spring Road and saw the Open flag flying and customers lining up. It was a beautiful day today, and though it wasn’t so hot only a sno-ball could cool you, a line of eager customers formed at Sharon’s tiny windows. Don’t tell Mr. BANV because, as the only Baltimore native in the family, he hates to miss the first sno-ball of the season. But the kids insisted we stop after baseball practice. What’s a mom to do? She ordered an egg custard because I like to open the season with egg custard. My son had one too, dripping with marshmallow sauce. My daughter was delighted to see they had a new flavor: Hannah Montana. It’s pink and blue and tastes like bubble gum or so I hear. We’ll take Mr. BANV this weekend and pretend we just noticed they’re open.