How fit is your kid?


When my fourth-grader brought his third-quarter report card home from Forest Lakes Elementary School Friday it came with a fitness report. At first I thought the “FitnessGram” was simply a flier about healthy living, but when I opened it up, I saw it included a personalized report on my son. It gave him a score for aerobic capacity, curl ups, trunk lifts, flexed arm hang and flexibility. He landed well within the “Healthy Fitness Zone” for everything but something called a “Back-Saver Sit and Reach.
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” “Yeah, that one is hard,” he said when I asked him about it this morning. He promptly laid down on the kitchen floor and attempted in vain to bring his fingertips to his knees.
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We can work on that. From the looks of the report, it appears the school skipped giving him a body composition score. I remember having that done with a caliper in my high school locker room. Rather mortifying, as I recall. If you’re interested, FitnessGram has a website. Check it out here: