Three-headed deer, the KKK and tainted organic milk, oh my!


    Like most of my Harford County neighbors, I was out feeding my three-headed deer this morning when I picked up my Aegis and was shocked to read that someone is spilling our secrets to those BRAC folks up in Fort Monmouth. According to the story, some of the unions representing the federal workers up at the N.J. military post are circulating e-mails to those people considering moving to APG with their jobs as a part of the BRAC realignment. The unions warn them of our three-headed deer, organic milk tainted with rocket fuel and the KKK. It’s silly, really. As long as you keep a three-headed deer around, they do a great job of scaring away supremacists of any stripe. The added bonus is my three-headed deer (I call her Cerberdeer) provides triple the amount of milk of most backyard deer, saving me tons of money I would have wasted on expensive store bought milk.

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