Waldo’s sno-balls is open in the Harford Mall parking lot; McShane’s in Churchville offers Webkinz sno-ball flavors


    Yesterday, BANV & kids noticed the Waldo’s sno-ball hut in the corner of the Harford Mall parking lot was finally open (11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and closed on Sundays). My 9-year-old prefers Waldo’s traditional crushed ice to the more delicate shaved ice we’ve been eating at Sharon’s, which has been open for the past couple weeks. Waldo’s opened two days ago and still has that fresh, unsticky feel. That’s one of the nice things about sno-balls in spring. It isn’t warm enough for bees to be swarming around the garbage cans or for the picnic tables to be covered in sticky colored syrup and marshmallow glop. Of course, that is all part of the experience along with enjoying them amidst the roar of nearby traffic and the smell of exhaust. However, if you prefer a more refined sno-ball experience, McShane’s coffee shop in Churchville is offering sno-balls this season that get served up indoors. You can eat them inside the restaurant or at one of the pretty tables on the patio overlooking the cornfields. Since they do a brisk business in selling Webkinz toys, they offer Webkinz sno-ball flavors. I’d advise against the “Wheel of Wow” flavor. The combination of cherry, orange, lemon and blue raspberry is just a bit too much.