Harford County Kids Magazine offers digital edition


    Harford County Kids Magazine has just debuted its digital edition. If you register at the magazine’s website, you can access every page of each issue on the web. It even comes with an electronic whoosh when you turn a page — in case you miss the sound of newsprint. The colors are crisper than they are in the print edition and if you misplace the copy that came in your mail or you picked up off a rack, you can see it all online. You also get to see past editions. So if your child’s birthday is a few months from now, you’ll be able to come back and read this month’s cover story on children’s birthday parties and check out the lists of places to host it. And, if you like what you read here on BANV, you’ll probably like Harford County Kids Magazine. I do some writing for them. (Psst…If you have any ideas for items you’d like to see in the News & Notes section, e-mail me at belairnews@comcast.net. I’m always looking for stuff.)