BANV just got back from shopping at Redner’s Warehouse Markets on their opening day in Hickory


    As I write this, I’m unloading the groceries I bought at Redner’s Warehouse Market’s newest store in the Hickory Village Shopping Center. I went today on their first full day of business and I liked the store. I think it has some good deals. A gallon of 1% milk was $3.47. A 2-pound canister of Folgers coffee was $5.99. I got two boxes of General Mills cereal for $4. And when I saw they were selling two 24-bottle cases of Dasani water for $7, I decided to postpone my plan to become a full-time tap water drinker. I did think the price of their seafood was a little high. A pound of Atlantic salmon was going for just under $7 a pound. However, I haven’t checked the salmon prices at other stores this week. The store is huge and it takes a little while to work your way through the place. It has the feel of a downsized Costco with a warehouse-style ceiling and metal shelves of merchandise along the back wall selling 10 items for $10. But throughout the store, they did have some higher end products. I found a Wild Harvest organic granola for $3.55 — about $1 less than the brand I usually buy. They had a large selection of kitchen equipment and they carry the Method brand of cleaning supplies that I usually see at Target. The most appealing part of the store right now is that it’s brand new and every cart works beautifully, every shelf looks fresh. A reader of this blog (thank you!) mentioned she thought the store felt like a downscale Weis. The entrance way and the color scheme do echo Weis. But I thought that Redners has a wider selection of merchandise. And I’m pretty sure their milk price is better. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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