BANV tries new Bliss Coffee & Wine Bar in Belcamp


    I heard about the new Bliss restaurant from a wine distributor I was interviewing for a freelance story. The combination coffee/wine bar sounded intriguing so Mr. BANV & I headed over to Belcamp for dinner without the kids. We enjoyed it very much. Right now Bliss is the only establishment open in a brand new Riverside Station strip mall on Route 7. (Pizza Hut is coming soon.) Owner Sarah Ortiz-Brown says she and her husband decided it would be a great location for a restaurant since there aren’t a lot of places to have a nice dinner in the area. Bliss opens at 6 a.m. serving up coffee near an electric fireplace and lounging chairs that give it a Panera/Starbucks feel. The tables in the other half of the restaurant are available for lunch starting at 11 a.m. The lunch entrees are the in the $10 range. Dinner prices stretch up into the $15-$20 area. Mr. BANV had the shiitake chicken and I had the seabass over risotto. Both were very good. Bliss’ Executive Chef Lance Lader came from the Wakefield Valley Golf Club in Westminster and has worked at Sotto Sopra in Baltimore. The restaurant serves beer and wine, with an emphasis on wine and a variety of weekly specials offering guests a chance to experiment. Tuesday nights are “flite nites” where you can taste five wines for $15. On Wednesdays, every bottle under $30 is offered for half price. To check it out, see their website at