The latest edition of Harford County Kids Magazine has hit the digital newsstand


    I just got an e-mail reminder that the latest edition of Harford County Kids Magazine is available for viewing online. This is a clever feature the free monthly magazine recently started offering. If you register on their site, it gives you the ability to flip through the magazine online and see the information presented just as it appears in the print edition. The digital edition usually appears shortly before a print version lands in my mailbox. If you look at pages 6 and 7 you’ll see a number of items in the News & Notes section penned by yours truly. Check out the item about the Trinity Lutheran School eighth graders painting ceiling tile murals they donated to the pediatric unit at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. Their art teacher Dawn Donelson contacted me here hoping to get her students work mentioned on Bel Air News & Views. I thought the magazine would be an even better way to let people know what her students were up to. If anyone has some news you think would be interesting for Harford County kids and their families, just let me know. I can mention it here or submit it to the magazine. Go check out that digital edition. The little swoosh sound it makes when you turn the page is pretty cool.