Littlest BANV sees her first Orioles game at Camden Yards


    We took our son to his first Orioles game before he was a year old. He had a little Os hat and was wearing the very same Orioles jacket his daddy wore when he was baby. His daddy carried him into Camden Yards in a Baby Bjorn strapped to his chest. I have no doubt he loved his first game, though it was pretty hard to tell. When our daughter came along, she had to wait until she was 5-years-old and then could point out to us explicitly that while Daddy watched the Orioles every night on TV and had taken her older brother to games with him several times, she had not yet been to a game at the stadium. She’d passed by it when we drive downtown, she mentioned. But we had not ever taken her inside. This past Saturday, we decided to do right by her. Her Daddy bought her a pink Os cap and chose Saturday’s game against the Texas Rangers, figuring it would be less crowded than Sunday’s where the Orioles were promising fans free tickets if they managed to beat the Rangers. (They didn’t.) Unlike when her brother was little and we had to use connections to get decent tickets to a game, on Saturday we could walk right up to the ticket window and have our pick of good seats. We got some on the upper level behind home plate. We went early enough that the kids could play on the playground set they have inside the entrance and practice pitching in a pitching tent. We took her into the stadium to show her batting practice and the ushers made a fuss over her and two of them offered to take our family picture. One of them suggested we go to fan assistance for a certificate and the women in there made a big deal about my daughter’s first game. She keeps mentioning how they told her to come back and visit them next time. The envelope they gave her at fan assistance included a postcard of the Orioles bird and when she saw him show up near our seats, she insisted on getting his autograph because she knows her brother has one. We had planned to stay at the game through the fifth inning, but the kids were having such a good time, we ended up staying to see them lose 5-3. On the way out, she kept asking when she could go back again. And as we passed M&T Bank Stadium on the way to our car, the kids asked why we didn’t get tickets to see the Ravens play. We told them those are much harder to get. They’ll have to wait until they’re a little older or until we get some connections and some little purple Ravens hats. If you’d like to take your kids to a game, the Orioles have plenty of ticket deals. Click here on their website for some bargains.