Follow the Baltimore Sun’s Black Friday shopping coverage on Twitter


    The Baltimore Sun is using Twitter to cover Black Friday news in real time. Its reporters are posting to the mini-blogging service where all news is reported in 140 characters or less. And regular folks out and about with a cell phone in hand can tweet their observations to the Sun’s site as well by typing @consuminterests in front of their tweet and BLFRI in the text. Your comments show up in a widget on the Sun’s Consuming Interests webpage at

    You can also copy their widget and post it on your site as I’ve done below. So, please Twitter your Black Friday shopping experiences. They will show up here on BANV as well as on the Baltimore Sun site.

    And, for those keeping track of the Black Friday news, I can report that at the White Marsh Best Buy there was a line of people stretching from the front doors to the corner of the building as of 9:30 p.m. Thanksgiving night. At the Abingdon Wal-Mart there were about two dozen people waiting outside. Only five people were waiting outside the Bel Air Target (there was no one waiting at the Abingdon Target.) No one was sitting outside the Tollgate Mall Circuit City, although there were a few folks waiting in their cars and a manned security car parked at the store’s front doors. The Office Depot across from the Harford Mall had about a dozen shoppers lined up outside and the Best Buy in the same plaza had about 33 people waiting in line. Last year, the mall’s security had kept every one off the property until stores opened. Looks like this year they relaxed that policy.

    If you’re looking for Black Friday ads to help you plan your shopping, I’ve compiled a list of them and posted them on my Frugal Holiday Tips blog. Click here to see them. Happy shopping!