Local elected officials call for barrier to be installed at site of double fatal on Bel Air Bypass, the Dagger Press reports


    I guess a lot of us were thinking the same thing after hearing how Christopher Lentz’ car crossed the centerline on the Bel Air Bypass and hit the Brady family’s minivan head-on killing two people and injuring four others, including himself. Why not put up a Jersey barrier to help prevent those head-on collisions? Highway officials have been quoted as saying the number of accidents on the roadway aren’t high enough to warrant engineering changes. But people died. Seems like a good enough reason to put up a barrier on a roadway that is seeing increasing traffic. The Dagger Press blog is reporting today that local officials are pushing for a Jersey barrier in the wake of the accident that killed Katherine Brady and her son Wilson Friday night. According to the Dagger, Sen. Barry Glassman, Del. Donna Stifler,  Delegates Wayne Norman and Susan McComas, County Executive David Craig and County Council President Billy Boniface all plan to send letters calling for road improvements to the Department of Transportation.

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