Snow is coming. Please, please don’t cancel school


Please, please don’t cancel school tomorrow because there is some snow in the forecast. According to Mark Hofmann’s Weather Station in Bel Air, the National Weather Service is calling for a slight chance of snow showers in the morning and scatter flurries in the afternoon — which is supposed to be sunny. Chance of snow is only 20 percent. That means there’s 80 percent chance of no snow. I say, let’s be brave. I’m from Milwaukee where flurries don’t even merit a mention on the news. It’s not that up there we’re braver than everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
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It’s just that we zip up our coats, wear waterproof footwear and go on with our day. We can do that here, too. We already have a half day of school on Friday — when the forecast also calls for some flurries.
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We will have time off to recover then. But in the meantime, let the kids go to school. They need school. It’s American Education Week. Parents are going to visit the school. Don’t disappoint them. School must go on!