Voting practice


Tonight, I have my General Election 2008 Voter’s Guide from the League of Women Voters of Harford County to pore over in preparation for tomorrow’s big vote. I’ve had my daily dose of Wolf Blitzer for the past several weeks. (The kids have been generous, allowing me to watch CNN instead of cartoons in the lead up to the election. They say it’s back to Sponge Bob after tomorrow.
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) But while I’m all set on the presidential candidate I want — and I’ve seen enough TV ads and mailers to make a decision on the First Congressional District candidate — I’ve often found myself at a loss on the other issues when I get to the voting booth.
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In past years, I’ve ended up just voting down the party line or making a wild guess. And a couple of years ago, when I was asked to vote for something incomprehensibly written in French, I skipped it altogether. So, in order to help BANV readers prepare for tomorrow’s vote (and to hopefully be prepared enough to keep the lines moving) I’m offering these links to a sample ballot and background info:

Click here for the League of Women Voter’s Voter’s Guide:

Click here for to see a sample ballot for your Harford County voting district:

Now go vote! If everyone comes prepared, those lines should move quickly.