Really, really cold Bel Air Christmas parade


    BANV & family went out in the cold to get a peek at the Bel Air Christmas parade. But just a peek. It was really, really cold. (Mark Hofmann’s weather station was reporting it was 27.1 degrees at the time.) I packed extra mittens and hats in my purse, but my daughter still complained she was shivering. The Hoppin’ Hawks jump rope team and the cloggers probably were the most comfortable. They were moving fast enough to keep warm on the route down Main Street. I made everyone stay until I could snap a few pictures. Then Mr. BANV convinced us that we could see most of these same groups at the 4th of July parade when it would be 80 degrees and we hit the road. Of course, when we got home. The little BANVs, who had just been complaining about how cold they were, ran out into the backyard to play in our dusting of snow. Go figure.